Federal Compress & Warehouse Company, Inc. (“Federal Compress” or the "Company") was formed in 1985 as a successor to businesses founded in 1887, and ownership control is under current or former management. Federal Compress principal operations are to provide independent warehousing and related services for the storage and handling of bales of cotton for various segments of the cotton industry and the rental of warehouse space to tenants. It has warehouses at various locations throughout the Mid-South and Arizona in the United States, and manages warehouses for others, including warehouses in which it has a minority equity interest. Federal Compress is licensed under the Warehouse Act administered by the United States Department of Agriculture. The Company is also a member of the National Cotton Council and the Cotton Warehouse Association in addition to other organizations.

For additional information about Federal Compress and the services it provides, you may inquire at the company's general office: Federal Compress & Warehouse Company, Inc., 6060 Primacy Parkway, Suite 400, Memphis, Tn. 38119-5755,telephone (901-524-4000),or send an email. (See "Contact Us" page. )